Sunday, February 11, 2007

Form damaging Function damaging Form

I have been working very hard on juggling quite a few flaming torches recently. I am planning on extinguishing one this weekend, but instead of working on that, I spend the whole day (at least 8 hours) working on something else.

Sorry for the vague description, but those who know, know what I am talking about. Those who don't, the concept is more important than the details.

Time sensitive thing B has become excessively complicated in the last week. It is politically charged and sucking my time away. The problem is that a couple days ago, the process to do B was changed, with out any consultation with the group who will implement B.

The change itself has its positives and negatives. I don't like it, but I don't completely disagree with it. The biggest problem is that the motivation behind the change is being perceived as a lack of trust in the volunteers who do B. The problem is exacerbated by the very short notice and lack of regard for the reaction of aforementioned volunteers.

Because I believe that B is needed, I agreed to help with the notification and convincing of the volunteers. Before I could do that, my words were vetted past several committees (once without my knowledge, agreement or participation) to the point that I questioned signing my name to the final e-mail. I did anyway.

Now, I am questioning if I should have stayed involved. I am stuck defending a decision I don't believe in and words I didn't write. Worst for me, I think that this might have damaged my reputation with this group. At this point, there isn't really a way for me to back out, at least not one that I am comfortable with.

In the last week so many things have been temporarily dropped so I could help out this one group. It is a problem.

Tomorrow... Rather, the rest of today... thing B is definitely going on the back burner. I must finish thing A before Monday.


zilram said...
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zilram said...

When it is time to talk away, it is time to walk away. The world will go on and things will get accomplished, maybe not the way we like/want it to, but in 100 years who will care? God & love are the important things.

Zandrop said...

I hear you loud and clear!!! I dig your code lingo by the way. Don't worry about things so much -- things have a way of working itself for the better. Just start sharing with the group and being the xxtraordinary human being that you are.
Take care sweet, sweet LB.

Jessica said...

It is working out okay from what I hear (beside the fact that it isn't working for me yet). It is, however, not right, really, to do us how they're doing, unless there was a reason. Imagine what those people could accomplish for their cause if they would focus all their overseeing energy into something original and actually beneficial, rather than something superficial, disrupting, and upsetting. In the long run, we are literally benefitting all of humanity, and they're trying to make it more difficult for petty political reasons, just 'cause they can. You are doing what you can, though, and every action you and JE take on this is directly helping and protecting a lot of people today. Imagine if you weren't there... not a pleasant picture. Thank you!

Doc Operon said...

Well... it's better than juggling flaming cats.

Especially Pandora. [shudder]