Wednesday, February 7, 2007

My MOM has a Blog

I will forgo the personal update, since it is just about how crazy things are right now. Instead, I will point you to the new Blog in the verse, the one created by my Mom.

Kudos to my Mom for her blog, but I have to say I was speechless when I first saw the e-mail. I mean, she is my Mom. She is not tech-phobic, but no expert either. She is not the standard demographic. Way cool to go outside the box, Mom.

So, where is this blog? Right there -> Babka Liz's Blog


Doc Operon said...


So, so weird.

zilram said...

What is weird with following in my daughter's foot prints, Doc?

Do you follow her's or does she follow yours?

Love the weird one, or Love, the weird one.

Sci-Fi Laura said...

Just so we don't start walking in a circle.

Doc Operon said...

Or a figure-eight.

Still weird. Maybe, moreso.