Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Forgotten and Twitter

I haven't updated this in quite some time. In large part it was procrastination as defined by perfectionism. As in, I had plans to do a post early in 2009 that I have yet to do, so I haven't done anything. Silly, but the way my brain works at times.

Instead of doing that, I am going to update you on some cool news. I started a twitter feed specifically to tweet about the goings on in space, the space community and the space business. That feed is called @moonrangerlaura.

In the first week I got an amazing response, in large part to many of my fellow twitter friends who helped spread the word. I would love to list them all here, but I am sure I would miss some. To all of you, THANKS. Just when I thought everything was going great, it got even better.'s Geek Dad Blog created the list of 100 Geeks You Should Follow on Twitter. If you follow the link and scroll down the list you see names like Phil Plait (@badastronomer), Will Wheaton (@wilw), Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) and Astronaut Mike Massimino (@Astro_Mike). At the very bottom of the list, you see @moonrangerlaura!

I was flabbergasted. I appreciate all of the support everyone has given me. If you are on Twitter and are interested in space, please give me a look.