Sunday, March 11, 2007

RIP Sweet Bumpy

We lost our original goldfish, Bumpy, today. We had him for three years now, and he was at least 4 years old. This picture (taken with my cell-phone) is a couple of years old, taken before he developed a tumor on his dorsal fin. He was also a bit dim-witted, even for a goldfish. He once got himself stuck in his castle such that we had to replace it with something else. Rest in Peace Bumpy


Doc Operon said...

Fare thee well, poor Bumpy. I have eulogized him as well:

zilram said...

Bumpy will live on in the universe; life force, attoms, that sort of thing.

I once had a gold fish that lived through pot and wine but died when I graduated and gave hime a new "clean" home.