Saturday, March 10, 2007


We saw the movie 300 Friday night, and WOW, that was an amazing movie. This is a really odd thing for me to say since this movie is full of blood, violence, war... things I am usually not fans of in movies. (Although the blood was more like comic book blood than movie blood.) Just so you are aware, there is also sex and nudity.

Yet, this movie is a beautiful piece of art. I haven't read the original comic book, but it seems to me that they kept the comic book in mind as they crafted the movie. Not only the comic, but ancient art as well. Many times during the movie I felt as if I was looking at a piece of Spartan pottery brought to life. The actors were excellent, and well formed for their parts. For both the ladies and the gentlemen, but especially the ladies, there is a lot of eye-candy in this movie.

The Spartans view of war was like an art... almost a religion. This is how it was portrayed in the movie. This was not a movie about brutal, chaotic fighting. The battle scenes were like dances. The hand to hand military tactics were intelligent and fantastic to watch. Beyond the battles, there are a lot of deeper themes in this movie, themes of freedom. Freedom from oppression and freedom from mysticism. If you won't be put off by the violence, go and see this movie. I plan on seeing it again in the theaters.


Doc Operon said...

And, I second your opinion, m'lady!

That's an amazing observation about Greek pottery battle scenes... I hadn't thought of that, but it's a perfect way to look at it!

We must see it again, and soon...

Jessica said...

Oh, I wish I had people to go see movies with here! My parents in Oklahoma went to see it, and they thought it was excellent, too. Boo for having boyfriend 850 miles away and no pop culture-y people around :(

Kimberly said...

The thing I miss most about being far away from the people I know is the lack of discussion of all thing pop culture.

I saw the movie while I was on cruise and what I found the most interesting was that it was told from the point of view of a storyteller.

I don't usually go for narration; however it worked for this movie. Everything was larger then life, somewhat exaggerated, just as it would be if someone was relating the story after the fact. It was a nice touch.

Just as a note, I watched with Korean subtitles. Not as distracting as you might think. They subtitled the movie in a font that made it seem the subtitles were a part of the movie. US studios could learn something from they way it was done.