Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Day

Today was beautiful, it is nice to see the onset of Spring. Happy May Day.

Sorry for no updates, but I have been working some long hours and I have my last final exam on Thursday. Soon it will be over!

For anyone who is interested, I now have a Facebook profile. Facebook is a social networking web site. It seems pretty popular as I set up the account about 24 hours ago and I already have about 70 legitimate friends. 30 of my fellow 2007 ISU SSP Classmates are networked there.

My friend Ronnie, has started a new blog to share his share his fiction. Please check out O'Toole's Pub.

More Soon.

1 comment:

Sterling Purulent Icon said...

I STILL can't get "the First of May" out of my head.

Damn you, Rich Sigfrit.