Friday, April 20, 2007

Monacan High School

RavenCon 2007 is getting underway and I am already tired. I am about to take a bit of a nap before working on my talk for tomorrow. Mostly that has to do with only getting four hours of sleep last night. The drive down after work, school, dinner, and packing got me to the hotel around 1:00 AM. Once I got everything to the hotel room, I spent an hour and a half sorting through all of the promotional material I brought with me. (6+ boxes worth)

Earlier today I spoke to an astronomy class at Monacan High School. It was so much fun. The students really seemed to enjoy the talk. We discussed careers in space, the James Webb Space Telescope, Private Space Travel and student internships.

They really enjoyed the freebies that I brought. The biggest hit were the temporary Hubble image tattoos. Several girls ran off and put them on right away. The tattoos came in three different styles, and at least one girl put on on each cheek and the other on her forehead.

Welcome to any of you who are reading this after meeting me. I hope you will keep reading and perhaps post a comment.

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Sterling Purulent Icon said...

RavenCon was awesome, but hands down, this has got to be the coolest part - I am a bit jealous of your experience.

Using your science background and genre fandom as outreach to those in the high school stage who are seeking (whether conciously or unconsciously) worthy role-models and fulfilling life-experiences, is vastly important work.

The fact that RavenCon, much through the efforts of Tee Morris, has encouraged this to happen is beyond excellent and important to continue.