Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Classic John
Originally uploaded by Sci-Fi Laura.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. This is a picture of my Valentine.... see there are even hearts over his head.

Unfortunately, due to the weather, he is stuck out of town and I am here at home. There is ice everywhere. That is fine, because every day is Valentine's with my sweetie.

This really helps me though. I think I can get all my homework done today and make some progress on the NASA Academy work. Wish me luck.


zilram said...

Very particle! Now do you have the discipline to stick with this God given chance to get out from under?

This guy is a favorite of mine too.

Doc Operon said...

Oh, how I miss my sweetie-pie!

I'll need to keep looking up every few minutes to make sure those damn hearts don't keep following my head...