Friday, January 5, 2007


Not much really to report today. We are still both sick. I keep coughing and coughing and coughing. John still doesn't feel well and had a bad asthma attack this morning. As a result I worked from home today. This evening we are having a nice lazy evening in front of the television.

I have been busy uploading my photos from my 2004 trip to England and Scotland to Flickr. I took a lot of photos. I am not sure if I surpassed Mom's film record from our trip in the 80's... but I may be close. The trip was great, especially the time I spent with Rich and Su. I should have scheduled more time with them.

Next June, there is going to be a project meeting in Dublin. It will be hard deciding to spend time in Ireland or jump over and see the family in England. John has never been to Europe, so We need to take a trip as well.

The rough outline of the trip was:

Bus trip to: Stonehenge, Bath
Rivendell (Rich & Su's)
Train to: Edinburgh
Bus to: Stirling and a ride on a Loch (a.k.a. lake)

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